Breaking the cycle

So today is my birthday and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to see it. I’m use to doing the birthday countdown on social media, having a big outing with friends and put on new everything. Although I had fun as I continue on this journey I come to realize I did all those things to friendly remind people to care about me. I though that if I showed people how special I am then surely they would treat me better. The reality is that I didn’t believe how special I am. For example: A fraudulent used car salesman always have an energy of deceit around them because of the product they don’t believe in and trying to sell you. Have you ever been to a luxury car lot? No one bombards you with sale pitches. It’s the same with people. Believing in your self gives you permission to be you. There’s nothing to figure out or cover up. Accepting yourself and others around you makes life a lot easier. The truth is a lot of strife is really insecurities highlighting someone weaknesses. You’ve heard the old saying ‘misery loves company’. It’s true. What am I trying to say? I glad you asked. Take ownership of you. You are important, treat yourself like it. Not to show people but to remind yourself. Not to be selfish, but to be liberated from negativity. So this year, I celebrate my birthday, those who care to join me that’s great, if not it’s really ok. I still love me and you. Xoxo

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