Splash on a Masterpiece

So I’m taking a creative class. My teacher, Mr. Ruben Arana told us that in another course he would wait until the students are half way done with their painting project and splash a random color on their work. I listened in horror as I put myself in that class. Working on a project for days on end, countless hours and zoning in on perfecting an area, then out of the blue, your teacher/mentor/support team throws some paint on your project… Okay I’m back. Sorry, I just fainted for a minute. Isn’t it funny that life happens the same way? I mean we plan and work on implementing that plan (ex. College, career, etc). We start seeing progress get excited and then something happens (ex. Pregnancy, ailing parents, etc.). Here’s what Mr. Arana said about his method of madness (lol), ” Yes, I did it but now they have to incorporate it or fix it because things like this happen”. That quote made me take another look at failures, losses, and disappointments in life. Most of us look at these events as dream crushing or life ending, but it’s not. The truth is that we are a masterpiece because of a splash of paint. It makes us unique, one of a kind, and priceless. The errors in life adds value to your journey (ex. Venus de Milo, the ancient Greek statue who’s arms are lost during the discovery by Voutier and a local farmer on Melos Island. http://www.history.com/news/ask-history/what-happened-to-the-venus-de-milos-arms). So get up, dust yourself off and live. Your life may have a few splashes of paint on it, but if anyone asks tell them” it’s the twist in my incredible story’… #OnPurpose

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