What’s in a name?

The truth is naming your child can either bless or curse them. It sets the path of their life. In the King James version of the Holy Bible, we see the truth of that in the Book of Genesis Ch. 25-32. There we find the life story of Jacob, whose name means “Trickster” and his new name, Israel, which means “God Preserves” change the course on his life. I’ve found that half the battle of reaching our destiny is discovering who we are. For example, DumDum, legal name is desiring to be POTUS. How will he get there if he has been called dumb his whole life. Not that its impossible, but how different might his journey be if he had a name that exude strength, confidence, and integrity. Yet we give little to no thought of our child’s name other than ‘it’s cute’ or ‘it’s a family tradition’. crownNot that these things aren’t important, but they should be factors in the equation not the answer. My name is Kentrella. A name I disconnected from since I was five years old. Shay, my nickname was more fitting for me at the time. I never understood why until I reconciled with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. After that I became fascinated with names, origin, and meaning. I learned that Shay in Swedish means “A Gift”. I embodied that. I’m sweet, fun-loving, upbeat most of the time, and hard working. However, Kentrella is an English name and means “Royal Chieftain”. You see, Kentrella is a weighty name for a little girl, who did not know who God is. So I became something lighter. I was “a gift” to people. Now that I’m older I’ve come to realize, “the gift” must take her place in the Royal Kingdom. So this is me on my journey. Welcome to Kentrella on purpose…

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